WhatsApp Business Api

Multidevice Whatsapp API

1. Pay only 15 paise / 0.0020 USD per message
2. Used for Transactional Messaging. Send Files from local disk.
3. Only QR Scanning required.
4. Connect same number using web.whatsapp on API system + three non-phone devices.
5. This API works Even if phone is switched off


WBCHATAPI is designed to integrate whatsapp messaging with existing business systems like ERP, CRP, website or mobile app. WBCHATAPI is already in use by many companies, sending messages to customers, deliver invoices after purchase and billing, deliver medical reports and many more.


All major programming languages can be used to invoke API, ready to integrate code is available on panel and website. You only need to change API key, target number and message to be sent, to get started


₹2000 for 10,000 Credits @ 20 paise

₹9000 for 50,000 Credits @ 18 paise

₹15000 for 1,00,000 Credits @ 15 paise


  • Unlimited Validity
  • 60/Minute Delivery Speed
  • 120 Days Data Retention
  • Full API access
  • 16 MB Max Media Size, 100 MB Max Document Size
  • Send File From Local Disk
  • Send File using URL
Go to Panel to Sign Up and Payment

API Docs

Goto Following Postman URL for API doc & Sample Code in Various Languages


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send Bulk messages or Promotional messages via Wbchatapi?

You cannot. Wbchatapi allows you to send 60 messages per minute, but if you send unsolicited messages where receipients do not want to receive, they will mark your number as Spam. Your Whatsapp number may get blocked. This service is strictly to send Transactional messages where receipients are expecting messages from you.

How many messages can I send per day?

We haven't set any per day limit, with the rate of 60 per minute you can send more than 80,000 messages per day, but keep in mind this service is for transactional messaging only.

What would be Cost if purchase more than 1,00,000 credits

Please contact us for pricing if more than 1,00,000 Credits.

Can I send image, pdf, audio and video files?

Yes you can. You can send any type of file. Image and Video can be sent with caption too. You need file URL or file on local storage to send file.


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